As I predicted doing the writing of “The Anatomy of A Wilding Mob” in 2012 that unless more preemptive action was taken by Law Enforcement, then the actions of these “wilding mobs” would become more widespread and violent.

The following articles starting in April 2013 are proof of my predictions.

At the start of the 2013 Spring and Summer months we are starting again to witness such desultory and racist violence taking place on the streets of the cities of our Great Nation.  Only now is the “Mainstream Media” started to report on the mobs and to report on them as “wilding mobs” and not as “flash mobs”.

The racial implications and ramifications of this despicable mob action cannot be disputed.  The facts are clear.  However, the  “Mainstream Media” persists in ignoring this pertinent aspect of this despicable violence in their efforts to be “politically correct”.

Jerry Walker


PUBLISHED: 23:32 EST, 1  April 2013 |  UPDATED: 23:32 EST, 1 April 2013

On the warmest day of the year so far,  hundreds of teens swarmed to Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Saturday in what police  called a ‘mob action’ resulting in dozens of arrests.

The ‘wilding’ in the city’s tourist-friendly  Magnificent Mile of stores and restaurants saw teens harassing pedestrians and  shopper and even assaulting one police officer on horseback.

A total of 25 juveniles and three adults now  face charges including battery and strong-armed robbery as well as reckless  conduct.

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chicago riotHundres of teens caused chaos on Chicago’s Michigan  Avenue assaulting civilians and even one office
chicagoA total of 25 juveniles and three adults were hit with a  range of charges from battery to reckless conduct

Because many of the charges are misdemeanors,  many of them have already been released on bond.

CBS  Chicago reported that the trouble  started around 6 p.m. when teens began purposely colliding with passersby.

It had allegedly been planned for  weeks.

‘You had a group of teens, close to maybe  500,’ community activist Andrew Holmes told the station.

 They assaulted a  Chicago police officer  that was mounted on a horse and all of a sudden  they assaulted a citizen  walking the streets, just a normal citizen  shopping and enjoying the  weather.’

Holmes was shopping with his family when the  chaos began.

chicago riotAuthorities believe the mob had been planned for  weeks

A man was also assaulted later that night  when a group of teens jumped him and punched him in the face as he walked near  Chicago and Dearborn at roughly 10:45 p.m.

The unidentified victim was taken to  Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

In yet another incident, a group of women  reported being attacked by a gang of girls on the CTA Red Line, telling police  they had been robbed once they left the train at the State and Monroe station.

Eleven girls were arrested, all but one of  whom were juveniles.

Each was charged with battery and two of the  juveniles were also charged with strong-armed robbery.

chicago riotA community activist at the scene asked parents not to  dismiss the incident as teens being unfairly harrassed

‘I caution those parents if their child has  been arrested which  numerous teenagers have been arrested tonight, that you  need to think  about your child. Just don’t say the Chicago police picked on  your  child, when we were watching all the assault going on, especially by  teen  women,’ Holmes pleaded.

Wilding, or flash mob violence, has been an  issue across several major cities like New York City and Philadelphia.

The NYPD’s  Juvenile Justice Unit even monitors the internet for hints that a wilding is  being planned, the Daily  News reported.

In 2010, three people were shot in New York  City and 54 were arrested during a flash mob.

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Pedestrians in the  Windy City’s famous shopping district were attacked by a group of 300 to 400  teens who overran the streets. Community activist Andrew Holmes urges parents to  discipline their kids instead of pointing the finger at Chicago Police Dept.

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Monday,  April 1, 2013, 1:21 PM

Hundreds of teens swarmed the Magnificent Mile, near Michigan and Chicago Avenues, and harrassed innocent shoppers and tourists.

NBC Chicago

Hundreds of teens swarmed the  Magnificent Mile, near Michigan and Chicago Avenues, and harrassed innocent  shoppers and tourists.

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Chicago’s warmest day of the year quickly turned overheated as hundreds of  youths went wilding in downtown Saturday — the latest example of this emerging,  unfortunate rite of spring.

“This was a planned attack,” community activist Andrew Holmes told ABC Chicago. “You had these many people down here and that  many people just running from one side of the street, jumping on people on the  east side, then they come back on the west side and jump on the people.”


More than two dozen teens were arrested during the chaotic melee.

NBC Chicago

“You have over 300 to 400 teenagers  with mob action, jumping on individuals that are downtown,” community activist  Andrew Holmes told NBC Chicago.

Police booked 25 juveniles and three adults on misdemeanor reckless conduct  and battery charges for purposefully knocking into and jumping on pedestrians  during the “mob action.”


At around 6 p.m., hundreds of misbehaved teenagers swarmed in on the Windy  City’s Magnificent Mile shopping district that runs along Michigan Avenue, near  Chicago Avenue.

“You have over 300 to 400 teenagers with mob action, jumping on individuals  that are downtown,” Holmes, who was in the area shopping with family, told NBC Chicago. He said he also witnessed a mounted police  officer being assaulted by the teens.

Roaming packs of miscreant teens have also been a problem in New York City and Philadelphia.

NBC Chicago

Roaming packs of miscreant teens have  also been a problem in New York City and Philadelphia.


“We have seen a good amount of teenagers arrested, and I caution those  parents that want to point the finger at the Chicago Police Department,” he  continued to ABC Chicago. “Point the finger at your teenagers for being down  there assaulting these people down here.”

In a separate incident, at around 6:30 p.m., 11 teen girls were arrested and  charged with battery for mugging a group of women at the State and Monroe subway  station on the Red Line.

Chicago police arrested 28 teens during the mass melee on Saturday.

NBC Chicago

Chicago police arrested 28 teens  during the mass melee on Saturday.

The plan for the flash mob assault was created weeks ahead on social media,  according to CBS Chicago.

Wilding has also been an issue in New York City, to the point where the  NYPD’s Juvenile Justice Unit search the internet for hints of a mass  mobbing.

Every year, gangbangers, including ones from the Bloods and Crips, attend  the New York International Auto Show on Easter Sunday at the Jacob Javits  Convention Center. When the show is over, they flood Times Square to stir  trouble with rival members.

The NYPD have been able to quash attempts at wilding in recent years, but in  2010, three people were shot and 54 others were arrested during the violent  spree.

Flash mob violence has also been a problem in Philadelphia, where packs of teens have also attacked and  robbed pedestrians.

KSHB PLAZA DISTURBANCE 20130407_20130407175735_JPG

By: Mitch Weber By: Mitch Weber  April 8, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More reports of teens causing trouble on the Country Club Plaza. One of our staff members took video after work Saturday night April 6, 2013.  We’re told patrons and merchants noticed a moving mob of people before officers arrived. A KCPD spokesperson tells 41 Action News they took four teens into custody.
The scene is one that instantly reminds many of the past problems on the Plaza once winter turns into a warm spring night.
In 2011, Mayor Sly James found himself in the middle of the mob mayhem when gunfire erupted and the chaos injured three teens.
Racheal works at N Valentino on the Plaza. She’s seen the police presence dwindle in the last few months.
“We have tourists all the time and if people don’t feel safe they’re not going to come which is going to hurt us throughout this season,” Wilmes said.
After the August 2011 incident, the mayor established a curfew for teens in the summer. It doesn’t start though until Memorial Day Weekend.


  •                                  What is Mob Action Chicago Teens Plan and Execute Deliberately Violent Flash Mob in Downtown Chicago


On Saturday evening, more than 500 teens took to Chicago streets in what police are calling “mob action.” Apparently, this is the violent equivalent of the comparatively fun flash mobs that always seem to go viral, and as a result is hardly YouTube-worthy.

Among the disturbances, most of which occurred along Michigan Avenue and State Street, were several fights amongst the teens themselves, who also got busy bumping into people and even assaulting police officers. Separate incidents included a man being jumped and punched in the face, and a group of women being attacked and robbed after getting off the train.

By the end of the night, 28 teens had been arrested on charges ranging from battery and strong armed robbery to reckless conduct.

“I caution those parents if their child has been arrested — which numerous teenagers have been arrested tonight — that you need to think about your child,” said community activist Andrew Holmes, who witnessed some of the action. “Just don’t say the Chicago police picked on your child, when we were watching all the assault going on, especially by teen women.”

In an attempt to combat the action, police were seen ushering the teenagers to the train stations and patrolling the areas long after the violence subsided.

It is believed that these events were planned on social media websites weeks in advance, as were past instances of “wilding” by teen mobs in the Chicago area. Most teens involved did not know each other prior to Saturday evening.

The city’s problem with “mob action” seems to stretch back several years, with recent instances as close as four months ago and similar summer mob assaults occurring in June of 2011 and 2012. Many of these events involved weapons.

“I think it’s horrible,” said Chicago resident Doreen Cohen. “I don’t understand why this keeps happening, I really don’t.”

Neither does the police department, it seems. Despite reworking of their mob violence response system last summer following similar crimes, the sheer number of people on the streets on Saturday night was too large for the police to handle efficiently.

People are also blaming the teens’ parents.

“The parents need to be disciplining their children a lot more. That way, they wouldn’t have come out into the streets like this, I think it’s just absolutely ridiculous,” said Derek Burns, another resident.

While disciplining teenagers is notably more difficult than disciplining younger children, parents would do well to try a little harder in ensuring their children’s safety — though the closing of 54 Chicago schools isn’t much help, either.

Whatever the case, and wherever the solution may lie, summer visitors to the city would do well to steer clear of more violent areas during the evening and nighttime, especially with young children in tow. These incidents have shown that no one is safe when teens come out in groups with the intent of harming others.

(But again, if you hear of a Chicago-area flash mob on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to participate. These are fun, nonviolent events!)

Watch the video below:

28 TEENS ARRESTED AFTER ‘WILDING’ MOB ACTION ROCKS CHICAGO The Blaze ^ | Mar. 31, 2013 | Madeline Morgenstern Posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 4:02:25 PM by SignalmanChicago police made 28 arrests Saturday night after teenage “mob action” and so-called “wilding” disturbances rocked parts of the city.The Chicago Sun-Times reported a “melee” erupted along the famous Magnificent Mile shopping district and that a group of women were attacked on a city transit bus.CBS Chicago WBBM-TV reported many innocent tourists and shoppers were caught in the middle of the chaos of teenagers purposely bumping into each other and starting fights among themselves.

“You had a group of teens, close to maybe 500. They assaulted a Chicago police officer that was on a mounted on a horse and all of a sudden they assaulted a citizen walking the streets, just a normal citizen shopping and enjoying the weather,” community activist Andrew Holmes told WBBM.

Seventeen arrests — 15 juveniles and two adult men, ages 18 and 19 — were made near Chicago and Michigan avenues after police came across “a number of kids fighting amongst themselves” around 6 p.m., Chicago police spokeswoman Amina Greer told the Sun-Times. Those arrested were charged with reckless conduct.

In a separate incident, 10 juveniles and one adult, an 18-year-old woman, were charged with battery after police said they attacked a group of women on a bus around 6:30 p.m.

Later Saturday night, WBBM reported a man was jumped and punched in the face by a group of teens.

Much of the activity was reported to have been planned weeks ago on social media, according to the station.

“I caution those parents if their child has been arrested which numerous teenagers have been arrested tonight, that you need to think about your child. Just don’t say the Chicago police picked on your child, when we were watching all the assault going on, especially by teen women,”



PARALLEL UNIVERSE: ‘Wilding’ Season Begins Early This year

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Monday, April 1, 2013 – 23:26                                 By David M. Kinchen

PARALLEL UNIVERSE: 'Wilding' Season Begins Early This year

Political correctness is upon us once again as the black “teen” wilding attack season  on whites and Asians begins in cities like Chicago. My friend and former Los Angeles Times colleague Greg Sokolowski, who lives on the lakefront near the Mag Mile — upper Michigan Avenue — sent me this report from the Chicago Tribune:

A quick reading of this story reveals no racial identification, even though prominent black politicians and journalists, men like Mayor Michael Nutter  of Philadelphia and columnist Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (where I worked from 1967 to early 1976), have identified the culprits and placed blame where it should be — with the lack of parental control of these modern day vandals. In the past few years, I’ve commented on this situation, singling out Kane and Nutter for having the courage to speak the truth.

The New York Daily News,  long the sister paper of The Trib, reported on the wilding episode, also without racial identification. (Link: However, the commenters to the story quickly picked up on the photographs of those arrested, all African Americans, including a few 18 or over who were charged as adults. Accompanying this column is an NBC photo of wilding “teens” on the Mag Mile.

Since the wilding attacks by “teens” have invariably been initiated by blacks and a few Hispanics against whites, Asians, etc., I believe it’s important to identify the perpetrators by race so potential victims, like the restaurant worker on the “L” in downtown Chicago mentioned in the first reference, who was beaten and had her purse stolen by a mob of female “teens” can take whatever precautions are necessary. That seems to be ever so difficult with the wilding mobs taking to predominantly white parts of Chicago, like the Mag Mile.

To those who say using racial identification is profiling and collective punishment, that all black teen boys and girls aren’t like the mobs attacking peaceful people, I turn the situation around and have roving bands of whites attacking peaceful black “L” passengers and shoppers on the Mag Mile. Would there be racial identification in that case? You bet there would be. I’ve been a journalist since January 1966 and I know my brethren!

Naturally a journalist wants a second opinion, so I emaildc author Robert Hays, whose book “Patton’s Oracle” I just reviewed. I also reviewed his novel “Blood on the Roses” which deals with racial tensions in the rural South. Here’s what he said:

“David, for what it’s worth: Concerned as I am about racial profiling in general, it makes no sense to me NOT to include the fact that these mobs of “teens” are black teens. Profiling involves casting suspicion on someone merely because of his/her color, ethnicity, whatever, without regard to behavior. The story here involves behavior—criminal behavior—and it is important to identify the criminals as precisely as possible. I can’t imagine a police bulletin trying to describe a bank robber and excluding race in the description if/when the race is obvious, just as it would not exclude height, weight, age, whatever. Visible characteristics are critical to any effort to identify those guilty of criminal behavior, whatever those characteristics happen to be.”


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