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I served my country honorably and faithfully for ten years as an officer in the United States Air Force, obtaining the rank of Captain.  During this time I was prepared to KILL and to order other men to KILL in order to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and the legitimate Religious, Educational, Economic, Political,  Judicial , and Military institutions delineated and mandated within.  I am still so prepared.

It has become quite apparent that this Great Nation of ours is facing the most insidious, invidious, hideous threat that it has faced in its 242-year existence.  This is the internal threat posed by the presence of the most degenerate, decadent, despicable, disrespectful, decayed group of beings on the entire planet.  That is the overwhelming majority within the African-American Community. This majority is at once singularly and collectively evil, ignorant and insane.  They engage in all kinds of witchcraft, sorcery, lycanthropy (to include all animal species)  and all types of sexual deviation and perversion (including beastiality). They are consumed by envy and jealousy, are covetous of the money, power and influence possessed, and wielded by Caucasian Americans, and they are the embodiment of fervent racism.  They are nonproductive and are economically, educationally and socially dysfunctional, having no concept of, nor sense of, human morality. Their families and their communities are in ruin; desolate dark places of horror and sorrow.  They seek to become the rulers and masters of the country and ultimately the entire world without possessing even the rudimentary, fundamental skills or knowledge necessary to sustain and maintain a viable, vibrant social order.  As a result of being in abject poverty brought on primarily by their lacking a “work ethic” and their ignorant and evil natures, they first seek to take over the economic resources (primarily cash).  Their focus is assuming control of the banking institutions (literally), not to manage, enhance, expand and maintain them as the most important institutions in a free-market society, but to rob and loot them.  They are consumers, not producers with their entire focus in this regard being on conspicuous consumption.  They have as their major weapon subtlety (like serpents) and the ability to metamorphose into varying inhuman forms, and through the use of witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo and other forms of evil spiritism to instill fear within the righteous, good and decent, law-abiding members of the greater society.

Through their witchcraft; sorcery and lycanthropy, they have made our lives a living hell.  They have accomplished this primarily by murder, automobile collisions (vehicular murder),  excruciating pain brought on by all sorts of maladies and sicknesses and most recently, the murder of innocent children while they were attending school (Columbine, Virginia Tech and more recently Newtown, Parkland, et al.). They torment us continually, daily, in close and personally by irritably distracting us using disembodied voices.  They are cannibals, rapists and murdering butchers who would use innocent women and children to satisfy their wanton, animal needs, lusts and desires.

Again, they are at once evil, ignorant and insane.  There cannot be any accommodation, assimilation nor association with these black demons.  We must assume and maintain a posture of absolute belligerence and adversarial offensiveness in regards to them, until such time as direct, immediate action is taken to mitigate and eliminate their adverse impact on the societal structure.

I do not exaggerate the criticality of this threat to our Great Nation.  I speak and write what I know to be real and true.  I have spent the last 29 years actively observing, analyzing and categorizing this very clear and present danger.  As a result, I am thoroughly cognizant and knowledgeable of the nature and extent of the threat they still pose.

They have infiltrated (infested) virtually every aspect of our Great and Precious Society and its major institutions.  There is direct collusion between the uneducated “street niggers” and those with some degree (literally, no pun intended) of formal education.

The remnants of the so-called Nation of Islam headed by Louis Farrakhan (Louis Eugene Walcott) and it’s pseudo-military auxiliary, the Fruit Of Islam (FOI); the American Muslim Movement ( Mission) led  by Wallace (Warith) Deen  Muhammad before his timely death in 2008, and the black Christian preachers (particularly Baptist) and their congregations are the focal points from which the attack, the insult, the slight (collectively THE AFFRONT) is launched against the greater American Society. These black demons, with very few exceptions, have a singular, ulterior, nefarious motive and purpose.  That is to usurp and to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America and the legitimate Government and Societal Institutions delineated and mandated therein. The values, which we hold so near and dear, mean absolutely nothing to these animals.  They have neither the perception nor the conception what- so- ever of duty, honor and country.  They are devoid of integrity, veracity and fealty.  They are wild, brute, savage beasts in CONUS Negroid-Humanoid form (hominids).  Their insanity is fueled by the fact that their cognitive processes and their inductive and deductive reasoning abilities are nonexistent as a result of species devolution (the species referred to as “nigger” in the queer’ran {the unholy book for islam i.e. muslims}) , a degenerative socialization process; and incessant crack cocaine abuse. This has made them dim-witted and slow and causes them to have a propensity for widespread, desultory violence.

Dr. William Shockley alluded to these traits in his numerous speeches and treatises on the innate intellectual inferiority of Negroids.  These traits are not innate (I myself am an African-American, Negarian). They result however, from a degenerative socialization and education process and from the continued use, misuse and abuse of crack cocaine and from fervent racism against the Caucasian populace.  These adverse traits define the overwhelming majority (I would at this point venture to say fully 90 percent) within the  African-American Community who are so inundated, permeated and imbued with evil, jealousy, envy and racism;  to where their entire focus is to disrupt and destroy the status quo of the United States where they reside first and foremost and by doing so,  the stability of the entire world.  The existence of institutional (covert) and overt Caucasian racism has been and continues to be a contributory factor to this situation.

In his book, “The Will To Power”, Friedrich Nietzsche intricately delineated the nature of the modern-day situation as it be in the Continental United States (CONUS).  The precepts and concepts, which he espouses in his book, are applicable to the present day CONUS, even though he was writing at the time specifically about Eastern Europe.  He wrote, “Everywhere the mediocre are combining in order to make themselves master.  But we should take reprisal and bring this whole affair to light and to the bar of judgment.  That there are higher and lower men, and that a single individual can under certain circumstances justify the existence of whole millennia–that is, a full, rich, great, whole human being in relation to countless incomplete, fragmentary men…The annihilation of the decaying races. i.e., (species, there is only one race, The Human Race).  Dominion over the earth as a means of producing a higher type…  The annihilation of ‘suffrage universal’  i.e. the system through which the lowest natures prescribe themselves as laws for the higher.  The annihilation of mediocrity and its acceptance…Toward a true psychology of the society based on freedom and equality…. The will to self-responsibility…To create conditions that require stronger men who for their part need, and consequently will have a morality (more clearly: a physical-spiritual discipline) that makes (and keeps) them strong!…Greatness of soul is inseparable from greatness of spirit.  For it involves independence; but in the absence of spiritual greatness, independence ought not to be allowed, it causes mischief…That the dangerousness of (this) situation must grow.”  It already has grown here in CONUS and continues to do so to the point where it has grown beyond dangerousness and has become perilous.

The main mechanism which fuels and drives these black bastards (a  Holy Bible term meaning outcast or mongrel)  is their grotesque, insatiable appetite for crack cocaine, whether it be in powdered or in  rock form.  This is the primary catalyst, which allows them to metamorphose into varying animal and other inhuman forms including disembodied voices (poltergeist).  Overtime, most of the African-Americans  i.e. (niggers) who partook and partake of crack cocaine developed the ability (or disability as it may be) to overcome the morphic stasis dictated by genetics and to assume any form, metabolic or inanimate, that they so desired.  They overwhelmingly chose to devolve into varying inferior “species” of wild, brute, beasts, instead of continuing to evolve into a higher CONUS Negroid- Humanoid form. (This characterization was taken from a passage of the book entitled Midnight, written by the noted author, Dean Koontz).  Their animal natures overwhelmingly crave crack cocaine in its rock form.  Their methods of obtaining it are primarily violent criminal acts and other forms of criminal activity, including welfare fraud.  They also are well ensconced in the American workforce and the salaries obtained are used to fund crack purchase, distribution, and abuse.   In addition these salaries are used to enrich and support Louis Farrakhan,  and the sundry other black so-called ministers, reverends, politicians, professionals and “street nigger muslims”  who are his co-conspirators in this evil scheme of things.

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Preaching directly from the Quran before a packed Baptist church, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told his adoring audience that violent retaliation is the response to “white people”.  Jesse Lee Peterson calls Farrakhan “son of satan” and a “terrorist” & wants to know WHY the Federal govmt has NOT arrested him! MUST LISTEN!”The reality is there are far more blacks killing whites than whites killing blacks. Blacks are killing, raping, and robbing whites at alarming rates and it’s not being reported in the mainstream media. Black-on-black crime is at an all time high in Baltimore, NYC, and Chicago.

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Farrakhan Threatens to “Tear This Goddamned Country Apart” Over Ferguson Shooting

  Farrakhan Speaks: Ferguson and The law of retaliationLouis Farrakhan speaks on November 22, 2014 at Morgan State University Watch full video at
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